Calvary Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery is located on Hall Ave in Northfield.

Calvary Cemetery Regulations

(Current COVID19 Cemetery Procedure)

To enable our workers to cut grass and properly care for the grounds of this cemetery without obstructions, the following regulations are established as of February 1, 2015:

  1. Christmas wreathes and other decorations are to be removed no later than January 15th.
  2. Memorial Day decorations are to be removed no later than 10 days after Memorial Day.
  3. Flowers and other items placed on graves at the time of burial are to removed within 15 days.
  4. The planting of trees or shrubs on gravesites is not permitted.
  5. Planting of flowers, placement of pot stands, shepherd hooks or other decorations or memorial items will be allowed ONLY with express permission of the Calvary Cemetery Board AND must be placed in such a way as to not obstruct lawn cutting and ground care.
  6. The Cemetery Board reserves the right to remove any plants or objects deemed intrusive or not in compliance with the above regulations.

Thank you for your assistance in helping us maintain the grounds of Calvary Cemetery.

Calvary Cemetery Board

Don Skluzacek, Co-President (507) 645-6925

Delbert Malecha, Co-President (507) 645-4028

Sue Hollinger, Treasurer (507) 645-6834