– “Be a Friend to someone who needs a good listener”
BeFrienders are volunteers who complete a series of training and then accept the commitment to be visitors. BeFriending is an extension of pastoral ministry–although it can be informal and simply a way of life that involves listening to others we encounter. Training is scheduled annually. Contact: Nancy Ludescher, Parish Nurse, 645-8816 ext. 203


In 2002 representatives of the Hispanic community at St. Dominic identified access to healthcare and lack of insurance as urgent problems for families. In May 2003 parish nurses, church leaders, and medical providers from Northfield and Faribault met at St. Dominic to address this community-wide problem. HealthFinders initiated services at Little Prairie United Methodist Church in June of 2005. The clinics–with one now in Faribault and one in Northfield–provide free medical care for the under or un-insured who live in Rice and Dakota Counties. Dental care is also offered at the Faribault site.

Visit www.healthfindersmn.org or call 507-646-8964.

Meals on Wheels

St. Dominic volunteers take their turn delivering noon meals to homebound in Northfield two weeks in November and two weeks in March. The meals are prepared at Northfield Hospital where volunteers pick them up for distribution (food coolers must be returned to the hospital).  Time commitment is approximately 1 hour.  New volunteers are always welcome and an experienced driver would be happy to accompany new drivers and answer their questions. Contact Mary Douglass, 645-4865, or Sue Middleton, 645-5743, if you are interested in delivering Meals On Wheels.

Fare For All

Fare For All buys fresh produce and frozen meat in bulk from wholesalers and manufactures to find the best deals available. Volunteers at their warehouse pre-pack the produce and meat into food packages that range in price from $10 – $25. These packages are for sale at all Fare For All locations.   Fare For All is open to everyone – because food is purchased in bulk, the more people who participate the better. Fare For All is typically at St. Dominic Church the second Thursday of each month from 3:30 – 5:30 pm: check the Fare for All website for specific dates. Fare For All accepts cash, credit, debit, and EBT cards.

Fare For All is one way The Food Group fights hunger and nourishes the community. The Food Group brings more fresh produce to the community through Fare for All produce packs, our food shelf partners, and Big River Farms

Chair: Margaret Huber


NAPS is the acronym for Nutritional Assistance Program for Seniors. Through this Community Action Center sponsored program, St Dominic parishioners deliver boxes of food to senior citizens in the Northfield area on the first Wednesday of the month. Time commitment is about 1 hour. Volunteers pick up the food boxes at St Dominic Church and deliver a set of boxes (usually about 9-12 boxes) to 9-12 senior residents living at one of the following locations: Three Links, Wellstone Commons, or Northfield Retirement Center.  Volunteers, come join us in the fun!

Contact: Mara Mangan, 507-645-8816

Ministry to Care Centers and Homebound

Mass is celebrated twice a month at each of three care centers in Northfield: Northfield Retirement Community, Northfield Hospital Long Term Care Center, and Three Links Care Center. These Masses are open to all other parishioners, residents, and family members.

  • Mass held 1st/3rd Wednesday – Northfield Retirement Community, 10:30 a.m.
  • Mass held 2nd/4th Wednesday –  Hospital Long Term Care Center, 10:30 a.m.
  • Mass held 2nd/4th Friday – Three Links Care Center, 10:15 a.m.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion from St. Dominic lead Communion Services at these centers each Sunday following the 8:00 a.m. Mass. Volunteers also lead the Rosary each Monday at 3:00 p.m. at the Northfield Hospital Long Term Care Center. Communion services are also held regularly at Millstream Commons and Valleyview.

Parish Nurse Nancy Ludescher, volunteers from our parish BeFriender program, and some designated family members visit and bring Communion to the homebound. Fr. Denny visits the homebound with the Sacrament of Anointing twice a year.

Birthday Parties at Hospital Care Center and Three Links

Birthday celebrations are held for residents of the Hospital Long Term Care Center and Three Links Care Center. Area churches provide a party in honor of the residents who have a birthday during that month.  Contact the Parish Office, 645-8816, to volunteer.