Emergency Procedures for Church Space

Are you an usher or greeter?  Do you represent any group that uses our church facilities for meetings or other gatherings?  If so, it is important that you be familiar with key access to the various rooms at church, procedures in case of an emergency, location of fire extinguishers and first aid supplies, and general … [Read more…]

Parish Pictorial Directory

We are planning to put together a new pictorial directory for the parish.  Although initially we had considered taking photos in November and December, we have now decided to schedule photo sessions for late February through April and are seeking volunteers to take photos, assist photographers, and contact parishioners to invite them to participate and … [Read more…]

St. Dominic and Annunciation Cluster

Back in 2009 an archdiocesan plan was formulated involving mergers, in which one or more existing parishes would be merged into one parish, and clusters, in which one pastor would be responsible for two or more independent parishes.   The plan called for St. Dominic to be clustered with Annunciation of Hazelwood.  Initially we thought the … [Read more…]

Electronic Contributions

Those interested in electronic transfer for sacrificial giving must complete the form below and return it to Shari at the parish office. Electronic Giving Form