2017 Baptism dates:

  • November 25-26
  • December 9-10

2018 Dates and Forms are Now Available!

Baptisms may be scheduled during 5 pm Saturday or 10:30 am Sunday on any of the above weekends.

Requirements for a Child Baptism at St. Dominic:

  • Parents of a child to be baptized must be registered members of St. Dominic or present a letter from the pastor of the parish where they are registered giving us permission to baptize their child at St. Dominic.
  • The parents should be regular participants at Sunday Mass at St. Dominic.
  • Sponsors, one male and one female, must be age 16 or older, Catholic (one may be a non-Catholic Christian designated as “Christian Witness”), active in the faith by Mass attendance and prayer.
  • Meet with a Baptism mentor couple
  • Children over 5 years of age must complete a course of catechesis prior to Baptism.

To request a Baptism for your child, please download and fill out the 2018 Baptism Form and return it back to the parish office with a photocopy of your child’s birth certificate.

If you are a member of our Hispanic community, you may use the 2018 Spanish Baptism Form.