College Campus Ministry

Catholic Student Association (CSA)
Catholic students on the campuses of St. Olaf and Carleton are represented both on campus and with the parish through their respective Catholic Student Associations (CSA). Although independent of the parish, the CSA leadership on each campus works in conjunction with Fr. Denny to coordinate activities on each campus to which students from the other college are invited, as well as intercampus Sunday morning breakfasts at the parish. The CSA groups help arrange transportation to St. Dominic for weekend Masses, help connect students with parish families for a home away from campus through an “adopt-a-student” program, and encourage college students to be active in parish life in capacities such as teaching children in the faith formation program and helping with music at parish Masses.

Saint Paul’s Outreach

Saint Paul’s Outreach (SPO) is a Catholic college ministry organization centered in St. Paul, Minnesota. They maintain a presence at St. Olaf by sponsoring Sunday evening 8 p.m. Masses on campus and organizing spiritual and social events for students with an emphasis on Christian discipleship and faith support groups. Visit website for more information.

For information on the Newman Club and St. Olaf Catholic Student Association, please click on their respective link below.

Newman Club
St. Olaf Catholic Student Association and their Facebook Page.
Carleton Catholic Student Association.